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Farm Design Concept

Farm design is a discipline that involves combining workflow with natures' flow to achieve the ultimate results. As a farm designer, I maximise your results with suggestions that allow you to weather the drought cycle and maximise the normal weather cycle and suggest solutions to take full advantage of the wet cycle. I take into account the starting soil type and consistency as well as it's lab report and suggest the required augmentation and succession planting steps to get you to the highest yielding produce point. This will increase your financial reward on the initial investment (which takes time naturally) on each step as well as the farm design elements that you can implement in stages or initial development. The farm design service includes suggested links and levels to market as well as training on all the natural system and procedures that I suggest in the overall farm concept.

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Organic herb farm with ecohydrological design to harvest runoff rainwater  for boosting growth of pomagranate, herbs, eggs, lamb, and beef

Any size farm design, for any kind of produce

Farm design can be for a small farm, a medium farm or a large farm. Your farm could be for growing grains, vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits, nuts, chickens, eggs, sheep, cows, pigs, fish, etc. or any combination of them. I generally suggest a mix that supports each other to reduce costs and boost endgame as nature is not monoculture but rather poly-culture. We follow permaculture (permanent agriculture) farm design rules but where most permaculture designers suggest a fruit and nut tree overstory that are densely spaced with an understory of ground covers that suffer once the trees have grown to the production stage. With our farm design, the strategy we suggest with planting densities that promote good growth of each element in the system so you get the best of all the income streams. "(Bill Mollison 1988)"
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Hydrological runoff model of Midrand Kylami South Africa

Ecohydrological design

Ecohydrological design is suggested where the potential runoff can be mastered to improve your water catchment for future use. Ecohydrology is a very functional landform design which even on almost flat land can guide water or drain water from your field depending on your soil type. In the water-stressed time, there is a high demand for water. It is best to plan to store water and reuse water wherever possible as aquifers do not refill as quickly as we use or they don't refill at all. Well developed permaculture sites have successfully returned water to the groundwater system and old dry boreholes became functional again. Water is vital to life and without sufficient water, you can't succeed but if you are patient we can change that position from water shortage to water sufficiency. "(CNKI 2009)"
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latest astronomical signs since NASA discovered our thirteenth plannet in our solar system

Biodynamic practices

Biodynamic practices are taught as part of our service offering which pertains to timing and microbial relationships. Both have been proven to boost production of productive crops and reduce problems like pests, pathogens and weeds. Using the soil food web to allow the least amount of effort to achieve the most reward. In a natural farm design, we advise steering clear from disturbing the soil unnecessarily and suggest no-till practices and the planting of supporting species. Whether it's planting to supplement feed for your animals or plants to boost your crops or for making materials. Our procedure manuals align with the age-old practices of timing crops with the celestial bodies, as biodynamics follows these with well-researched cause and effects. Misaligned planting dates cause the growth abnormalities which some people believe are only the result of incorrect fertiliser application. "(Maria Thun)"  
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The future is sustainable agriculture

As the world stands we are running into trouble in every respect with greedy producers and desperate consumers. Greedy producers want fast results at the cost of quality and environment and desperate consumers want cheap food. Now I understand that food prices are the deciding point of many but if you farm in a sustainable way it doesn't mean it costs more it just means you need to think differently. And consumers need to support farmers who follow sustainable practices, who farm ethically and build an ecosystem that regenerates the land for future generations. We farmers are only custodians of the land while we are alive and our children or their children are to inherit our results. "(Great article on our dietary choices: Meat vs Plant)"

Positive Cycle Logo

Since 2010 Positive Cycle has followed the slogan of "Working with nature to achieve more". If the cycle of nature is positive your results will be positive. I plan and advise using natural cycles, lunar cycles, weather cycles, and the life cycles of all life related to your farm. This will give you the ultimate solution to your needs.

Farm designs:

Positive Cycle has designed farms for arid temperate, subtropical, Mediterranean and tropical areas on two continents.

Farm business plans:

Positive Cycle had developed business plans for emerging farmers for farms ranging from a few square meters to thousands of hectares.

Farmer training:

Positive Cycle has trained thousands of emerging farmers who started with poor results and now are very successful.

Farm monitoring:

Positive Cycle uses technology to assist with monitoring farms remotely and offering advice on a scheduled basis.

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